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Hi Taiko Community!

I am so excited to be attending Taikopalooza for the very first time! In fact, this is the first time I’ve ever even been to Germany. I’ve been hearing so much about the European Taiko community the past few years and then finally had a special opportunity to meet some amazing folks last year while on Sado Island as a participant in the “Roots of Kodo” program. Their energy and passion for taiko invigorated me so much that I cannot wait to meet more folks in Europe who love taiko!

I discovered taiko in 2006 at UC Berkeley and joined the new (at the time) collegiate taiko group, Cal Taiko (now Cal Raijin Taiko). One hit on the drum (and even though it was a taiko made out of a taped tire), I was hooked! In 2008, after I moved to San Diego, I couldn’t bear to not have taiko in my life, so I founded Naruwan Taiko, as a way to bring more taiko to the community and to provide a place for San Diegans to connect with each other. The organization is now in its 11th year! My influences for taiko have mainly been the wild crazy stage presence of San Francisco Taiko Dojo, and the understanding of healthy body mechanics when striking the taiko (first introduced to me by Kaoru Watanabe and then further emphasized by Kodo).

In 2017, I was the Chair for the San Diego Host Committee for the North American Taiko Conference and then, as mentioned earlier, in 2018, I was a part of “Roots of Kodo,” which provided an opportunity for me and the other attendees to experience a sample of Kodo apprentice life. Both opportunities fueled an ongoing passion to continue using taiko as a way to connect people from all over the world.

Finally, in 2019, I became a staff member of the kaDON crew and I’ve been enjoying every aspect of it, as I get to learn and provide more for the taiko community on a global scale. But the best part? I get the opportunity to meet all of YOU! :D

And in unrelated news, I'm a huge pop culture geek, specifically DC Comics (Superman all the way!), Legos, and a sports fan (Seahawks!!)!

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