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Whether you want something unique for your birthday party or business conference, or whether you and your taiko group want to further your development and add a new flair to your performances, a taiko workshop from TZD is guaranteed to be a fun and enriching experience, tailored to what YOU want to accomplish.

TZD instructor, Rannoch Purcell has been teaching taiko full-time since 2007 and holds a masters degree in education. He has taught in the US, as well as throughout Germany and the UK and brings a unique passion and insight into the world of taiko drumming.

Rannoch's classes and workshops always highlight the positive energy and fun that can be experienced through taiko as well as a very "common sense" approach to the technical aspect of playing.

For newcomers

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A beginner taiko workshop is a great way to share a unique and exciting experience with your friends, family, or colleagues.

Taiko makes an incredible "team building" activity, and is perfectly suited for corporate events. Some of the events we have done in the past include:


  • Team Building workshops

  • Children / Adult birthday parties

  • Fund Raisers

  • Bachelor / Bachelorette celebrations

Workshops can be offered at your location, or you can come to us. We have a beautiful space that can accommodate groups of up to 25 people in a workshop.

Beginner Workshops


Do you have a taiko group? Are you looking to expand your repertoire, refine your current skills or learn that slant stand technique? We'd love to help!

Rannoch (Razz) would love the opportunity to get to know your group and share his knowledge. He has useful and unique experience in many areas with special proficiency in naname (slant stand) and beta (flat stand) forms.

Want some new ideas for teaching? Rannoch's top area of expertise is teaching. He has taught thousands of classes, and has developed many very effective teaching strategies.

Click below to contact us about your workshop needs and let us know how we can help!

Advanced Workshops

Special guest workshops

At TZD we believe in and promote an open community of sharing. As part of this vision we regularly bring in taiko professionals from around the world to share their knowledge with us. Some of our guest workshops include:

  • Shoji Kameda (kaDON, On Ensemble - USA)

  • Art Lee & Yukari Ichise (Tokara - Japan)

  • Eichi Saiko & Eri Uchida (Kodo - Japan)

  • Yuta Kato (Los Angeles Taiko Institute - USA)

  • Joel Mankey (Jishin Taiko - USA)

  • Martin Doyle & Sonagh Walker (Tsuchigumo - Scotland)

  • Mikey Gonhata (Oahu Hawaii)

Keep posted on our EVENTS page or subscribe to out mailing list to hear about upcoming guest workshops and events!

Special Guest Workshops

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