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Matsuri Bayashi


Matsuri Bayashi is a traditional festival rhythm. Every dojo generally makes up their own variation for this song. The one here is our own brand from Taiko Zentrum Deutshcland! We have a regular, advanced kata in beta form, and a naname version that explores the use of space. Have fun!

Renshu Taiko

Seichii Tanaka

Seiichi Tanaka is grandfather of the kumidaiko movement and founder of San Francisco Taiko Dojo - the most important and influential dojo in the current taiko scene. Tanaka Sensei wrote this piece as a warm-up exercise and gave it to the taiko world to perform. There are countless variations of this piece, but the videos here demonstrate the basic 5 rhythms that make up the song.


Joel Mankey

This song was written by Joel Mankey Sensei from Los Angeles. It is a popular piece for kids groups, but also makes a great piece for adult beginners. Features X-stance in the beta position and some great kiai!

Odaiko Kakeai Kihon Kyoku

Kenny Endo

This is a call and response practice piece written by Kenny Endo Sensei. The piece features some basic rhythms that are played by the odaiko and echoed by the chu daikos. It also has a large solo section in the middle for everyone to get their improv skills on!

Shinjin Taiko

Joel Mankey

Shinjin Taiko is written by Joel Mankey Sensei and is a powerhouse song that features a heavy dynamic section showcasing the quiet sounds of taiko. There is also some fun  kata that I added afterward when I taught this at IS Ulm.

Taiko Beat

Kyoku Suzuki

Taiko Beat is a great advanced Beta piece. Written by Keoki Suzuki, the song features a mix of traditional Japanese rhythms mixed with elements of hip hop music. Very fun, very challenging, and a great groove!

Ready Set kaDON

Shoji Kameda

Ready Set Kadon! is an open-source piece by Shoji Kameda Sensei from Los Angeles. The song is made up for 5 primary rhythms played among three groups of drums. The rhythms are not hard to remember, but the organization and form of the piece is a real challenge! It is fast, loud, exciting, challenging, and a wonderful piece to build your kuchishougha and timing skills!

Oiuchi Daiko

Kenny Endo

This is another great piece from Kenny Endo Sensei. It is written for the naname style and uses swing jiuchi. The song also features X-stance, some great kata, and a measured improvisation section. Have fun!


Walter Clarke / Michelle Fuji

Korekara is one of my favorite pieces for Naname style. It is built around a few central rhythms that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The piece is also written in swing, and has some really fun kata!


Rannoch Purcell

This piece is still a work in progress that I need to finish! The kata is meant to represent witches dancing around a cauldron & casting spells, and the positioning and even rhythms are all based around pagan beliefs and symbols! See how many you can find :)))


Rannoch Purcell

This song is inspired by the steampunk movement. It is built of several small rhythms that all function like gears of a machine. The second section picks up steam and really takes off with a fun build rhythm and a tricky ji-uchi pattern.

Don't forget to count!

Being On Time

Joel Mankey

This is a great new piece form Joel Mankey Sensei. The song is meant to have an excited air about it, as one who is rushing to get to work on time! Some great new playing techniques in Beta style, and some great new kata are incorporated into this challenging but fun piece! Have fun, and DON'T BE LATE!


Joel Mankey

This is a song composed by Joel Mankey in the NiDan style. NiDan is similar to Naname (slant stand) but you play on two drums instead of one! The song is to be played with a partner, and includes lots of great kata and a solo section. The tempo is pretty quick, so practice slowly with the videos until you have it down!


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