We know that the spread of the coronavirus has had a dramatic impact on life as we know it, and has left us all feeling a little uncertain about the future. With regards to the Utah Taiko Experience, we want to let you know that as difficult as it is to do, we have decided to postpone UTE to 2021.

Be safe, happy, and hopeful! We will get through this TOGETHER!


Razz Purcell & UTE Management Team

In August of 2020, Taiko Zentrum Deutschland & kaDON will be teaming up with Snow College's Horne School of Music in Ephraim, Utah to bring you a one-of-a-kind taiko adventure...the Utah Taiko Experience. Imagine daily workshops for developing creativity with Shoji Kameda, Yuta Kato and the UTE content team, combined with daily adventures in the most stunning locations of Central Utah's Wasatch mountains... that's a start! 

Bring your partner and family (see participant guest option below) and Join us with 30 other taiko players from around the world, as we explore taiko, explore Utah, share with each other and the local community, and create an experience you will NEVER forget! 




FLEX PAY - 50% NOW 50% Later!

The Basics


Saturday, August 1st (7PM) - Monday, August 10th (12PM),  2020.


Participant: - $1350 USD - Click Here for early bird & kaDON discount pricing

Participant Guest (PG) - $800 USD* for first PG, $400 for each additional PG.**


Shoji Kameda & Yuta Kato, supported by Diana Wu, Martin Doyle, Shonagh Walker, Rannoch Purcell, and Emily Harada.


Horne School of Music, Snow College - Ephraim, Utah (airport: Salt Lake City, UT - SLC)


Private room at  Park Place Apartments is included in registration price.


A total of 9 dinners (August 1st-9th) are included in registration price.


State Park entry, transportation and some equipment is included in registration price.

REFUND POLICY - Please read our full cancellation / refund policy here.

*Participant-Guest spots are only for children and spouses / partners of registered participants. Participant-Guest price includes 9 dinners + lodging. 

**Participant Guest Children will share a room with a family member if more than 1 child is registered. Click here for more information

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Since its very beginnngs, taiko has been inseparable from nature. The raw, visceral power, the delicate nuances and subtle tones, and the unending variations of rhythm echo images of the power, beauty, variety and spiritual resonance we find in nature.
Our goal with the Utah Taiko Experience is to exploit this connection between taiko and nature. We are going to explore, adventure and be inspired by the power and beauty of nature with daily trips to the most beautiful local spots, and learn how to convert that inspiration into creative energy with daily workshops focused on building creativity & expression as a taiko player.

And the best part...we will have the chance to share it with the local community through public workshops & information nights, and a public concert in the football field presented by all of us!

Read on to learn more...

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Inspiration is a beautiful thing. It drives us to dream, to express, to create, and to share.

At UTE our group taiko sessions will be focused on channeling our inspiration to the taiko - in essence, learning to be creative.

To guide us in this, we have selected two people we feel are absolute pioneers of expression and creativity in the taiko scene: Shoji Kameda, and Yuta Kato.

Shoji & Yuta, with support from Diana Wu, Rannoch Purcell, Martin Doyle and Shonagh Walker will be leading our exploration in creativity with in-depth daily sessions focused on helping you to develop your taiko playing through expression and creativity.

From its signature red rock formations and canyons to its majestic mountain vistas, lakes and rivers, Utah brings a sense of freedom and adventure that has to be experienced to be believed.

At UTE, each day will include the opportunity to explore and be inspired by this beautiful area. Relax and take in the beauty of the mountains, take a peaceful walk or hike, try swimming, fishing, SUP, and even rock climbing and cliff-jumping for the thrill seekers! There's something for everyone, and it is all guided by former local, Rannoch Purcell (Taiko Zentrum Deutschland).


be inspired...

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Snow White logo.png

We are thrilled to be partnering up with Snow College in Ephraim Utah to bring you this event.

Snow is a junior college with a unique flair...the college offers a Bachelor's degree... in MUSIC!

With an absolutely amazing staff, facility and location, the Horne School of Music at Snow College has already made quite a name for itself for producing top-level musicians.

With dedicated practice rooms, a staging room, Concert Hall and more, The Horne School of Music at Snow College is the perfect place for the Utah Taiko Experience to call "home".

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UTE at a glance...


Various Locations

  • Breakfast - self catering: The apartments are all equipped with a large kitchen / dining room. So you can enjoy breakfast at your leisure! The grounds also provide a beautiful natural setting to enjoy a morning cup of java.

  • Lunch - you choose: Ephraim offers a wide variety of places to eat. Grab a quick bite at the Snow College cafeteria. or take your pick from Italian, Mexican, or American food. It's all there and located within a short but beautiful walk from campus.

  • Dinner - included in price: Each day we will eat a delicious dinner together, catered by the Snow College special events department. One evening will be a special "pot luck" dinner featuring Sanpete County's famous BBQ Turkey!

Taiko Sessions

Snow College Campus - Music Department

  • Morning Session: Shoji, Yuta and our content team will lead an intensive morning schedule that will take place in the beautiful facilities of the Snow College music department. 

  • Evening Session: After our afternoon excursion, activities and dinner, we will return to the music department for more in-depth taiko sessions! On one or two evenings, this will be replaced by participant-led public taiko workshops / Q&A evenings for the local community!


We will release a more exact schedule as things are planned and finalized by our content team.

Afternoon Excursion

Various Locations

Each afternoon will bring with it a new opportunity to explore the freedom and natural beauty of the Central Utah area. We will visit a variety of different locations, chosen by your guide & local resident, Rannoch Purcell.

Possible activities include fishing*, hiking, swimming, SUP, rock climbing**, and of course just relaxing! For all of you early morning types, we will also have a few pre-sunrise fishing trips to get the fish when they're really biting!

* Non-resident fishing licenses are $40 for the week and can be purchased here. A limited number of Fishing poles will be provided. Fishing tackle can be purchased in several locations in the immediate vicinity. 

** Rock climbing instruction will be led by certified instructors from Snow College. Prices for equipment and instruction are TBD .

Relax, Rest, Repeat

Park Place Apartments

After our evening session, it's back to the apartments for some down time. Relax in the jacuzzi, play some pool or fussball in the clubhouse,  or hit the sack early. Then get a good night sleep for an early start in the morning.

Saturday Evening Concert

Snow College Concert Hall or Football Field

The highlight of UTE  will be a free public taiko concert on our final evening, held at the beautiful Snow College concert hall, or weather permitting, in the football field! This is our way of saying "thank you" to our hosts and the local community.

The concert will be presented by all of our UTE participants / management, and will be made up of community taiko pieces as well as... (drum roll please)....compositions we have created throughout the week!