August 1-10, 2020  -  Ephraim, Utah


We know that the spread of the coronavirus has had a dramatic impact on life as we know it, and has left us all feeling a little uncertain about the future. With regards to the Utah Taiko Experience, we want to let you know that we are monitoring and assessing the situation daily and discussing how we can support you all in this difficult time.


At the moment we are hopeful that the Utah Taiko Experience will still take place. In order to give everyone some room and security, we are extending our early-bird registration until June 30. 

Be safe, happy, and hopeful! We will get through this TOGETHER!


Razz Purcell & UTE Management Team

In August of 2020, Taiko Zentrum Deutschland & kaDON will be teaming up with Snow College's Horne School of Music in Ephraim, Utah to bring you a one-of-a-kind taiko adventure...the Utah Taiko Experience. Imagine daily workshops for developing creativity with Shoji Kameda, Yuta Kato and the UTE content team, combined with daily adventures in the most stunning locations of Central Utah's Wasatch mountains... that's a start! 

Bring your partner and family (see participant guest option below) and Join us with 30 other taiko players from around the world, as we explore taiko, explore Utah, share with each other and the local community, and create an experience you will NEVER forget! 




FLEX PAY - 50% NOW 50% Later!

The Basics


Saturday, August 1st (7PM) - Monday, August 10th (12PM),  2020.


Participant: - $1350 USD - Click Here for early bird & kaDON discount pricing

Participant Guest (PG) - $800 USD* for first PG, $400 for each additional PG.**


Shoji Kameda & Yuta Kato, supported by Diana Wu, Martin Doyle, Shonagh Walker, Rannoch Purcell, and Emily Harada.


Horne School of Music, Snow College - Ephraim, Utah (airport: Salt Lake City, UT - SLC)


Private room at  Park Place Apartments is included in registration price.


A total of 9 dinners (August 1st-9th) are included in registration price.


State Park entry, transportation and some equipment is included in registration price.

REFUND POLICY - Please read our full cancellation / refund policy here.

*Participant-Guest spots are only for children and spouses / partners of registered participants. Participant-Guest price includes 9 dinners + lodging. 

**Participant Guest Children will share a room with a family member if more than 1 child is registered. Click here for more information

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