A beginners Taiko course is the perfect way to learn about Taiko and get a taste of what Taiko can do for you. We offer courses for everyone age 7 and older.


Already have some experience? Great! We have intermediate and advanced courses too, so whether you want to fine tune some basics or develop your skills, we can help.

Not sure if taiko is for you? No problem! The first two weeks of every semester are offered as trial classes, FREE OF CHARGE. Should you wish to continue, a course contract will be given to you for completion.



Beginning in February 2021 we will be opening a new taiko course exclusively for children and youth ages 7-18!


Taiko is a wonderful discipline to build confidence and self esteem in kids and youth. In addition to learning the taiko discipline, your child will learn about:

  • Teamwork

  • Responsibility

  • Coping with nerves

Our taiko kids groups have many great opportunities to perform at locations such as Legoland, Ulmer Zelt and many others. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to get your child involved. Sign up for our 2 free trial weeks in February!



Get dressed in your favorite sport clothes and get ready to have some fun! We warm up each session with a few minutes of endurance training and yoga.

The rest of the session we are on the drums learning elements of taiko tradition, rhythmic concepts, technique, choreography, repertoire and more.

We pack every session full of useful information that you can take home to practice. Practicing at home is easy - no drum required! All you need is a mirror, a little space, and your voice!



If your weekly sessions aren't enough for you, we also have a private access student website full of videos, music sheets, audio files, and all sorts of extras to help you practice your taiko at home.

Fine tune your basic strike, your stance, review your course basics, or practice that new song we're learning in class. It's all there, and it's all free to use for our students.


While our courses are generally taught in German with English support, many of our student resources are all in English wich German subtitles, so you can learn some English with your taiko practice! Watch a sample lesson from our student site (below).


The first two weeks of every semester are offered as trial classes, FREE OF CHARGE. Click the button below to get registered!

  • TZD taiko courses last one semester (approx 85 minutes per week for 17-18 weeks including school holidays). Courses begin in the Fall and Spring semesters (September / February respectively).


  • Course cost is  €360 per semester (incl. 19% MwSt), payable monthly (€60 / month, 6 months). Please ask about our family pricing and multiple course pricing.

  • For our taiko kids courses (ages 7 and up), students will be grouped largely by age. Parents are welcome to take courses with their children and vice versa.


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