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Searching for a new location

After 8 great years at our dojo on Magirusstrasse, Söflingen, our rental contract will be terminated in August 2023. We are earnestly searching for a new place for taiko in Ulm, and could really use your help!

If you have contacts or ideas that might help in our search, we would greatly appreciate it.

Please share your ideas, contacts or information with us using the form below.


  • An open space of approximately 70-100 sq. meters.

  • Well lit with available toilet facilities.

  • Available from 18:00-21:00 Tuesdays-Fridays

  • Space must not be in a residential area (due to noise).

  • A small (8-10sq. meters) space to store the drums, or option to leave the drums in the room.

  • Maximum rent €700 per month.

Success! Message received.

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