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Taiko Zentrum Deutschland (TZD) is a private school of American taiko and taiko events center offering courses, private and public concerts and workshops.

We also invite taiko players from around the world to share their experience with us and we host events for the wider global taiko community.


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Taiko is an exciting combination of music, dance, fitness, martial arts, meditation, and FUN!

We offer classes for all ages 7+ and all skill levels from beginning to advanced.

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From beginner to advanced, birthday parties to business conferences, local to international, a taiko workshop is always a positive, energetic, and unforgettable way to experience taiko.

We would love to talk to you about your workshop needs and expectations. Click below to learn more about our workshops or contact us directly for a quote.

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From private weddings and birthday parties to public theme parks and city festivals, taiko makes an overwhelming and stunning impact on all of your guests.

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My dad's taiko dojo is a place where you can improve your connection with your spiritual self and where you can let go of all bad emotions.

Nenya S. Purcell - Age 9

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Office: Elisabethenstrasse 2/1, 89077, Ulm, Germany

  Dojo: Magirusstrasse 16, 89077, Ulm

  Tel: +49 157 894 064 91

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