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TP5 - The Next Steps...

Welcome to the madhouse! And it gets pretty crazy too... from now until June, it's not going to let up!!! Right now we have about 75 people registered, so that leaves us a max of 10 spots left:). Thanks to the amazing help from our drum sponsors we have plenty of chudaiko now! WOOHOO!!! So now we can begin moving on to other things...

As a reminder, it is going to be very important to stay up to date on things and when we send a form out, please fill it out right away to help us stay organized. There is a TON of stuff to arrange between now and June, and it's all pretty exciting :) Here's what is coming up next.

Concert Playlist

Martin is already hard at work preparing the song list for our concert. Stay tuned for that this week. If you are unfamiliar with how this works, we will send a list of songs and links to all the online resources you need to learn them. Check out the list and decide what songs you want to learn and play in the concert, Let Martin know, and then GET PRACTICING :):):). Martin and I will be getting the list out hopefully this weekend.


We have booked Hotel Garni for our accommodation again this year. The entire hotel has been newly renovated, so I am currently in talks with the owner about how this will impact our prices for the hotel.

Here's how hotel booking will go. Start thinking about roommates:) Who would you like to room with? Reach out to other members in the TP5 group or members area and try to arrange this as soon as you can. Later this month we will send a form out for all who wish to stay at Hotel Garni Am Zehnstadl. You will fill out the form and let us know what type of room you would like and your roommate requests. There will be single, double and triple occupancy rooms available. This will all be arranged on a first come first served basis.

PLEASE DO NOT contact Hotel Garni yourselves. This makes everything very confusing for them and also for us. Thanks for your understanding on this!

Stay Tuned!

Be sure to join the TP5 group and if you haven't done so yet, follow me, Martin and Shonagh on the blog! This blog is going to be our information central, but the TP5 group will have some fun updates as we go along. And I'd love to see others posting as we start practicing and preparing! I think sharing in the preparation experience is a great way to bring us together.

Thanks so much everyone,

More coming soon!


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