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Hey everybody!!!

At LOOOONG LAST It's finally happening. Taikopalooza 5 is coming :)! This is the first blog post for the event and I'm going to cover whats coming up. As you read this, be aware of a couple of things for Taikopalooza:

  1. The time zone is German time! So 10AM here is 9AM London, 1AM Los Angeles, 11PM Honolulu, and I think 6PM Tokyo.

  2. If you are from Germany, your browser might default to the german version of the site, so please be sure to switch the language to English so that you can see all the blog posts! There will be no information about Taikopalooza posted on the german version of the blog.

New Website - we have a new website that I hope is easy to navigate and find all the essential information. This blog will always have the most up to date information, so be sure to subscribe. The website will launch on Monday, the 17th of January.

Blog & Profile: Part of registration is making a TZD profile. EVERYONE needs to have a TZD profile, including event management and workshop leaders (you can make your profile now by going here). Once you have done this, I would recommend following me, Martin Doyle, and Shonagh Walker so that you can be notified when something new gets posted to the blog.

Registration - We will begin early early access registration for TP5 on January 22nd at 10AM. Early access is only for those who are able to bring drums to TP5. If you have drums and can bring them with you, PLEASE do it! This is the only way the event functions. The more drums we have, the more people can register.

Open registration will begin on January 29th at 10AM .

Workshop Leaders - We have an incredible lineup coming this year... We're still awaiting final confirmation for a couple of spots, but we can already confirm a few spots for ya...

Palooza veterans Shoji Kameda and the Scottish duo Martin Doyle & Shonagh Walker will be teaching this year!

Mikey Gonhata will be joining us again from Hawaii as will Yuta Kato from Los Angeles!!!

And I'm super stoked to welcome a newcomer to Taikopalooza this year... drum roll please... the amazing Eri Uchida will be joining us all the way from Japan! The last spots will remain a surprise for now... just until we get them confirmed...but as always, they will be totally amazing :)

But as you can see, it's going to really be an incredible year for TP5!!!

That's it for now... :)


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