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Last Minute Stuff...

Just 2 weeks now... WOW!

Things are going pretty smoothly. Just a couple of last minute things to think about. and take care of!


We had some confusion with the shuttle information, and several people didn’t have transportation from the hotel. I have updated the shuttle list now and should have everyone accounted for!

Make sure you are on the list if you need a shuttle! Otherwise you're going to be stuck at the hotel, and we don't want that, right?

Use the button below to view the list. There is also a link from the TP5 website (main page).

If you offered to shuttle people and you weren’t on the first list, you might be on the new one! Please have a look again :)

Thanks a ton to all of our drivers for volunteering to get people where they need to be!

Workshop Assignments

Everyone should have their workshop assignments now and know where you should be and when! Here's another fancy button for you to click for the workshop assignments sheet.


I sent this out a bit ago, but I'm just saying it here once again. this document has your maps and locations and all sorts of info. Save it to your mobile device or print it out before you leave! And of course it wouldn't be complete without...a button :) I tried to change the color for some variety but it won't let me. :(

Hygeine & Well Being

I have to say this just so it has been said, and I know others will appreciate me bringing this up: the weather is getting really warm here. Our TP5 building has no AC. You're going to be sharing close quarters with a ton of people.

Body odor can really make it difficult for those in the vicinity to learn, enjoy and have fun. Please be aware of this and make sure you are smelling your best each day and throughout the day!

I'm going to get some spray deoderant for the bathrooms (men's and women's) in case of emergencies! On this note, also please don't forget earplugs if you are sharing a room with someone :)

As always, let me know if you need help with anything or have any quesitons / concerns!

We're almost there!!!!!

Love & Hugs,


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