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Blog viewing problems

Hi everyone,

A bit of important information for you all regarding the blog posts and not being able to see them... I posted this awhile ago, and forgot about this little issue, but here it is again:

Some of the Taikopalooza information that is posted to the blog will only appear on the English version of the site. It just has to do with the structure of the site and how Wix does things... I've found a workaround for SOME of the information (blog posts, etc) but I can't guarantee that ALL of it will ALWAYS show. It's just the nature of the beast combined with the time I have available for managing things!

So for now: To be SURE you can ALWAYS see EVERYTHING that there is to see, just check that you are viewing the English version of the site. That's all there is to it!

Thanks! We are nearly full... just a couple of spots left to fill :)

See ya soon!

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