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Accommodation Info

We have a ton of things coming at you this month for Taikopalooza... most notably we are starting to get our rooms sorted and the concert setlist should be coming at you in the next couple of days.

So for now, I just wanted to give you the information I have on rooms and what to expect. Please DO NOT call the hotel yourselves, this only confuses the staff and makes things more complicated, and nobody likes complicated....)

For Taikopalooza newbies, here is how we do rooms:

Step 1:

I have reserved the entire hotel at Hotel Garni Am Zehnstadl. This guarantees us a rate that is about half of the normal rates there.

Step 2:

I ask all of you to consider what type of room situation you would wwant. There are a very limited number of single rooms, and then there are double, triple, and quadruple room options.

Step 3:

Talk amongst yourselves and figure out your roommate situation! Who do you want to share a room with? Reach out to them and see if you can set it up!

Step 4:

In a couple of weeks I will send you a room reservation link. This will be on a first come, first served basis. You fill out the form, and then I go to work figuring out how to get everyone the rooms and roommates they want! The form has 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice options. Not here: Please talk to your preferred roommates BEFORE listing them as your roommate preference.

Step 5:

Once we have everyone's room reservations confirmed, we will talk about paying for your reservation. I am going to talk to Florian next week about how he wants us to handle this.


Hotel Garni Am Zehnstadl is really beautiful. It is simply a peaceful, fun, and truly beautiful hotel and so far everyone who has stayed there just loves it!

Since last Taikopalooza they have improved it even further with a complete renovation. I'll be heading out there soon to get some pictures for y'all. Despite the renovation, Florian ( the owner) has given me a really exceptional price on rooms. Here are the prices for this year (per person).

Single: €59

Double: €40

Triple: €33

4 person €30

*All rooms include a very delicious and complete breakfast.

Last but not least: You can of course make your own arrangements to stay wherever you like. There are Airbnb options, another hotel accross the street, and even a hostel not too far away, but most people like to stay at the hotel.

Even if you are not at the hotel, you are welcome to go there and have drinks and chill with the group in the evenings. It is always a hilarious, loud and really fun time at the hotel in the evenings!

That's it for now! More info coming soon :)


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