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6 weeks out!

Aktualisiert: 23. Apr. 2022

As of today we are only 6 weeks away from Taikopalooza 5! I know my last post said 6 weeks... I miscalculated. But I mean it this time.:)

There's a ton of stuff happening right now so here's some info to catch you up.

TP5 Concert Registration

The deadline to register for the TP5 concert is May 5th. That's 2 weeks from today, so if you haven't made up your mind yet as to what songs you want to play, please do it quickly and get the form filled out! CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM


In Germany the Covid rules have pretty much disappeared, so as it stands now, we will not be requiring any vaccination information from you for TP5, although you will still need it to enter Germany. I just finished a trip to Scotland and was really surprised to see no masks required anywhere in the airports or on the planes! It's great to see life returning to normal :)

So in accordance with the rules right now, we are officially relaxing our rules as well. This means Covid restrictions will no longer apply at Taikopalooza 5.

I would also like everyone to please remember, we all have different opinions about Covid, vaccines, government regulations, and the whole crisis of the past 2 years, and some of us are pretty passionate about the topic. However, we all have the right to our own opinions on the matter. As we come together this year, let's all do our best to just focus on what we have in common: our love of taiko and being together, and if you absolutely have to discuss Covid, just be aware and respectful of others' differing opinions on the matter. Agree to disagree.

Morning Yoga

For those interested, I will be running an early morning (8:00) yoga session on Friday and Sunday for those who want a bright and early start to Taikopalooza!


One of the highlights of my Scotland trip was seeing Martin & Shonagh from Tsuchigumo! We had some discussion about TP5 and our workshop lineup and decided that rather than teaching separately, Martin and Shonagh teach their workshop together this year. So to fill the gap, I will be teaching a workshop at TP5. I haven't done this since the very first Taikopalooza, so I am really excited about the chance to finally do it again this year.

The workshop lineup and descriptions will be coming to you shortly :)!


We are also in the process of making reservations for the biergarten and restaurants for Taikopalooza. The registration form will be coming soon. We are planning for the Klosterhoff Biergarten for several of our meals and the Italian restaurant in Söflingen for our closing dinner.

That's it!

It's all coming together! Thanks everyone for the love, support, encouragement and crazy enthusiasm you are all bringing to the planning of TP5! I can't wait to see you all so soon :)))))))

Love & hugs,


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