What is the Utah Taiko Experience?

Taiko is an ancient Japanese drumming tradition that combines music, dance, fitness and much more into an exhilarating and powerful art form. UTE director, Rannock Purcell, is a Utah native and taiko professional. His vision was to bring two very special parts of his life (Sanpete County, Utah and Taiko) together in an experience of mutual sharing.

The Utah Taiko Experience (UTE) mission is two-fold:

1. Sharing Utah

UTE is a taiko + nature retreat that brings taiko players from all over the world for a week of immersion in the incredible beauty of Central Utah.

2. Sharing taiko

For those of us in the taiko community, sharing what we do is something we feel very passionate about and we are THRILLED to have the opportunity of bringing taiko to Sanpete County for the first time EVER!

UTE is presented by Taiko Zentrum Deutschland & kaDON, and is sponsored by Manti City and Manti High School.


C O N C E R T  •   S A T U R D A Y  •  J U L Y  •  2 9 t h  • 2 0 2 3




W O R K S H O P  +  P R E S E N T A T I O N  •  F R I D AY  •  J U L Y  •  2 8 t h  •  2023  


G E T  T O  K N O W

Q&A + Performance + Workshop

The Utah Taiko Experience is brought to you by:

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