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To make this concert happen, we put the word "community" to the test. It's a crazy amount of preparation, but here's how WE do it:

  1. Approx. 16 community-based songs are selected to use for the concert.

  2. Music, video, mp3's and any other resources we can collect are grouped together on our google drive.

  3. YOU look & listen to the songs and decide which ones you want to play. Then let us know, and start practicing :)

  4. On Saturday at Taikpalooza we will spend the morning running the show together. In the afternoon we load up drums and get ourselves to the park.

  5. We set up/sound check, chill, have a beer, eat a schnitzel, and enjoy some beautiful scenery with some great food and wonderful people.

  6. Around 7PM we put on an amazing free concert for a very curious and excited audience.

Concert in the Park

The absolute highlight of Taikopalooza is our public concert.  

We all play for each other at various taiko events, we attend taiko concerts from other groups, but how often do we get to put on a concert WITH our taiko friends, and play for a ton of people who have never heard of seen taiko?

The result is really something special that can't be described. It's excitement, happiness, and sharing, fun - and we make it happen TOGETHER!


Each year, we try to make things a little better. But as far as concert venues go, it just doesn't get better than Glacis Park.

Glacis Park is home to an old military fortress, complete with its own moat! Our stage sits over the water with amphitheater seating directly across from us.

The stage is located next to the best biergarten in the area, which is where a large portion  of our audience comes from.

Concert Info & Updates

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