UTE - Down Time Differently

Hi everyone! This is the first of a series of topics that I will be releasing about the Utah Taiko Experience and what makes this event truly unique. If this is the first you're hearing about this event, you can find out more here: www.taikozentrum.de/ute . REGISTRATION IS OPEN

So let's talk about down time. This is something that is so vital to effective learning, and also makes experiences more enjoyable, unique and memorable. Sadly, it is also something that is too often forgotten in our culture of "pack as much in as quickly as you can". With UTE I really wanted to address this.

In a learning environment down time is crucial in allowing us time to process what we have learned. Even if you're not thinking about what you just learned, your brain is processing that information in the background. It's just like eating. Most people don't eat one huge meal for the entire day, but rather 2 or 3 (or more) smaller meals. And just as the body needs time to digest food, the brain needs time to digest information.

Downtime vs. Positive Downtime: The concept for UTE came to me when I was on an early morning fishing trip in Utah. It was 6:30 AM, the sun was just starting to come up, and the lake was completely still, reflecting the immense beauty that already surrounded me and I was completely alone. Everything about the situation... the mountain air, the smells of fir trees, the beauty of the sun coming up over the water, the sounds of fish splashing, and squirrels chittering... the entire atmosphere was just filled to the brim with peaceful, positive energy and inspiration. I thought "It would be amazing to combine experiences like this with a taiko retreat"! There you have it. UTE was born.

This experience is an example of what I mean by "positive down time"... time spent in an environment that actually gives you energy and leaves you feeling refreshed and full of life. It's much more effective than standard down time (i.e. vegging out on the sofa, watching youtube videos, gaming, etc.) and afterwards you're ready to just keep going - full of life and full of energy!

So how does this play into UTE? Well, we are budgeting a ton of time into our schedule to take you out into the beautiful country of Central Utah where you can experience positive down time every day. Do as much or as little as you want. It's YOUR down time to do with as you please. Of course there will be a lot of options and activities for everyone. Even if you decide to just sit under a tree and do nothing at all, I think you will find that the location alone will lift your spirits and fill you with life and inspiration.

What's the end game? Our goal is that after 9 days at UTE, you return home feeling refreshed, alive, happy, full of energy and ready to get back into life with a fresh new perspective, loads of inspiration, and a ton of priceless memories!

P.S. If you're from Europe and thinking about attending, flights are at an all time low on KLM this month (January)!!!

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