Updates to our COVID policy

Hi Everyone!

As Fall and soon Winter approach, so does flu season and I guess that now means COVID season as well. There's a ton of information out there on regulations, but I wanted to state the policy once more at TZD to clear up any confusion as to where we stand.

Please understand that the very LAST thing I want to do is restrict anyone's ability to participate in taiko. On the other hand, I also could not bear knowing that I did not follow the rules properly and as a result someone with COVID managed to come to the dojo and infect someone else, and that person became very sick or even died. It's one thing for me to risk my own safety, but I won't risk the health and safety of my students. There has to be a line drawn somewhere to define where our responsibilities lie. And for TZD, this means following the state mandates. I thank you all for your support and understanding, even if this does negatively affect you. The following rules are in place:

In order to enter the dojo premises and participate in classes you MUST bring one of the following documents with you to the dojo:

  • A Vaccination certificate (printed or digital form) showing that you have been vaccinated for COVID

  • Documentation from your doctor stating that you have recovered from COVID

  • A negative self-test, rapid antigen test or PCR test that is less than 24 hours old

Documentation will be checked this week, and we will be making a list so that those who are vaccinated and/or those who have recovered from COVID will not be required to bring documentation in the future. Those required to bring a negative test will of course have to have a new test each week in order to join classes.

Regarding the possible shift to 2G rules:

If the 2G plan is put into place, anyone who is unvaccinated will not be allowed to enter the dojo premises - regardless if they have a negative test or not.

I fully support each individual's right to choose to be vaccinated or not. So if this becomes the case and you are not able to come to classes because of your COVID status I am planning to record class sessions and place them online for you to practice from home. In the event that this is not possible, I will place your contract payments on hold beginning with the next monthly payment, and your payments will remain on hold until the situation has changed and you are able to return to your weekly sessions.

Thank you all so much for your understanding and support of TZD through this COVID crisis. It has been a rough road, BUT we have finally been able to begin new classes, and had an absolutely amazing concert - the first in over 2 years!!!! So I honestly feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let's stay positive, stay healthy, and get through this TOGETHER!

Big Hugs!


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