TP5 Workshops!

Its here! The workshop information is ready! Have a look at the amazing group we have lined up for this year, and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of our amazing workshop leaders. It's so unreal that we have such an incredible group of teachers that are willing to contribute their knowledge and skills to making Taikopalooza such an incredible learning experience for us all. What a gift!

In case you haven't seen how workshop registration functions, everyone will be randomly allocated 4 of the 6 workshops - 2 on Friday and 2 on Sunday.

It's quite a lot of planning to cycle 85 people through 6 workshops, and we have to plan equipment for each room based on the people who will be there, so I would ask that everyone be happy and content with the workshops that you are assigned (they are all going to be INCREDIBLE!) and don't ask to switch! That just creates a logistical nightmare as you can imagine.

So here it the button to view, or download below :)

TP5 Workshops
Download PDF • 2.30MB

See you all soon!


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