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Updated: Apr 28

OK so this is a BIG one. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Read through this carefully and completely!

We are slowly coming out of COVID restrictions and things are looking great on that front. However, the situation in Ukraine has reminded us all of how quickly things can change. Let's not forget what we have, and stand united in supporting our friends and neighbors in Ukraine throughout this terrible war.

We have had questions regarding how this situation has impacted Taikopalooza, and thankfully, it hasn't been as bad as COVID was... but I have actually been thinking 'How can we use Taikopalooza as a means of impacting the situation in Ukraine?'

So more on that later...ideas are welcome!

kaDON preorders - DEADLINE APRIL 05!!

In our last blog post I told everyone kaDON will not be running an open store this year due to complications from COVID and now the war in Ukraine. Aya from kaDON has put together a super amazing list of merchandise you can now pre-order and pick up at TP5. Read all the information and get your stuff ordered from kaDON now. The deadline for pre-orders will be April 5th, 2022. That is only 2 weeks away, so please take care of this ASAP. Thank

Click below for the pre-order form.



Our hotel arrangements are being taken care of as we speak. Renate has taken your requests into account and things are looking good!

A lot of people have booked accommodation on their own, which is great! Just remember that Shuttle service is only available to those staying at Hotel Garni or those staying in the immediate area of Hotel Garni.


The day has arrived that I can finally announce our final workshop lineup! We have an insanely gifted and amazing group of workshop leaders, and it's going to be an amazing year for TP5! So here in alphabetical order are the TP5 workshop leaders!

  1. Benni Haas

  2. Eri Uchida

  3. Martin Doyle

  4. Shoji Kameda

  5. Shonagh Walker

  6. Silke Hansen

  7. Yuta Kato

Due to travel complications, Mikey Gonhata has unfortunately had to cancel this year. While we are going to miss Mikey, we are also very grateful and excited that Benni and Silke were so willing to jump in and help out. They will be teaching a joint workshop, and I know these two are going to be incredible and fun to work with at TP5. We are really lucky to have them!


Martin is doing a phenomenal job as always of putting the concert together and organizing all of the equipment. However, superhero as he is, even he needs time to get the final touches in.

We know everyone wants to practice and watch videos to see which songs might be best to play in the concert, and we also know that takes time. So Martin and I have agreed that one month before TP5 will be the official cut-off date for concert song registration.

Register for the concert on or before 05.05.2022


Thanks everyone, that's it for now. Coming up will be organizing our meals together:) Things are really coming together smoothly this year, so enjoy the Spring weather and let's keep looking forward to June!!!

Love & Hugs,


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