TP5 March Announcements

Hi everyone!

Things are rolling right along for TP5. Thanks to you all for staying on top of posts and helping to spread information! Here is what is happening in the next 2 weeks:

Registration Close

We are now full and will be closing registration this week on Wednesday, the 11th. After this point new registrations will be added to a waiting list. We currently have enough drums to support the registered participants and possibly 2 or 3 more people (Huge round of applause to everyone bringing drums)!! So if you know anyone thinking about coming, this is the last chance to register!

Concert Preparation

For you Taikopalooza newbies: we play a joint community concert on the Saturday night of Taikopalooza... How you ask??? We pool together as many videos and other resources as possible and let you decide what pieces you want to participate in! Then you get to work practicing, and we spend a few hours rehearsing together Saturday morning before the concert :)

Martin has been hard at work this week gathering resources and arranging our TP5 concert list! It's going to change up a bit this year... we are adding some new pieces and of course playing many of the old :) Thank you Martin!!

Here's what you need to do:

1. Take a good look at the concert set list.

2. have a look at the concert resources folder: and decide what songs you want to play based on the resources you have available. Youtube is also a great resource for looking up songs you might not be familiar with to get an idea of what the song looks /sounds like. I have opened the TZD student site for Taikopalooza, so you are welcome to use any resources you find there.

3. Register for the concert via the TP5 Concert Questionnaire


Last year several people conducted Taikopalooza pre-workshops to help people prepare for the concert. If you would like to do this, please post your workshop to the Taikopalooza facebook group and everyone can contact you from there. We will be offering a couple of workshops at TZD as well, so I will post those here in the blog as soon as we know when they will be.

Accommodation registration has gone very smoothly! If you registered with us for Hotel Garni, Renate is in the process or organising your room assignments with the hotel and will be in touch with you very soon Thanks Renate!!

Big thanks to all of you! This year things have already just been very smooth and easy! So thank you all for being responsible and staying up to date on what is happening for TP5. Looking forward to June!!!

peace & hugs,


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