TP5 Concert Update!

Updated: May 11

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for signing up to be a part of the concert. We've had a huge response as always, and things are looking really good thus far.

I have a few bits of information/questions/requests for you all, so please get back to me as soon as you can with any responses.

Dokokara: We are going to need a few solosists for this piece, so do we have any volunteers?

Omiyage: We need a few Ji players for the concert, and we currently don't have any. Is there anyone who'd like to do it, or swap from playing the Nagado part?

Yakudo: Can't wait to see you guys play this new piece at TP5, but we need some shime players. Do we have any volunteers?

Ready, Set, Kadon: This piece has the most players in it, but we need some shime and Oke players.

Jack Bazaar: There are a number of versions, but this one seems to be the most consistent. The structure is as follows:

Karc - Joan of Arc



Murder 1,2


Murder 3,4

Slowplosion 1

Slowplosion 2


Lefty Roam

Hedge Trimmer

Cats and Dogs

Yuta has very kindly sent me this video of the structure we will be using, which also features the KARC at varying tempos.

Everything else is looking good, and most people will be able to play exactly what they asked for. If we can fill these remaining spots, we will be ready to go. After the set and positions have been finalised, I will post an updated set and players list for you.

Also, if you've changed your mind and wish to drop out of a song or the concert, just let me know when you can.

Thanks again everyone. Looking forward to seeing you all in a few short weeks!


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