TP5 Concert Songs

Hi Everyone, So, the concert song list has been posted for this year's Taikopalooza, and as you can probably see, I've tried to shake things up a little. ;) The thinking behind it was to provide new stimulus and add a little more excitement into the mix, as well as providing a few challenges for those brave enough to step on-stage; and I certainly hope there are many of you! Alongside some old favourites, we've added "DokoKara"; an amazing beta style piece by Yuta Kato; "Jack Bazaar", a naname style piece by Kris Bergstrom, which is currently being learned by a number of folks around Europe; and I have added "Omoi Yo!", which is a piece I wrote for Tsuchigumo, taking inspiration from Kodo's "Zoku" and Gangster Rap! ;) I think I might be right in saying that this concert will mark the first ever performance of the first two pieces by any group in Europe (unless of course someone beats us to it!), so their inclusion is doubly exciting.

As always, there will be limited spots available, so don't delay in signing up for the songs you want to play. It's OK to sign up now and pull out later, if you feel you're not going to be ready to perform. In the case of pieces being overcrowded, preference will be shown to those who are less involved overall. I'll do my best to accommodate all of your wishes, but please bear with me if there are any issues.

Just a reminder that inside the resources folder is a document that details the set list. This document also contains links to any online videos or resources for that piece. In addition, the folder contains some sub-folders with all videos and resources for certain songs. In short, if the folder doesn't have a resource folder for the song you wish to play, the resources will be linked in the document. There are one or two things missing, but I should hopefully have them in the coming weeks.

That's all for now, Taiko People! I hope you are happy and excited about the concert song list for this year, and I can't wait to see you all and share a stage once more.

See you in June! Martin.

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