Taikopalooza Cancelled :(

Hi everyone,

I hope this email finds you and your families & loved ones safe and healthy. It’s quite the crazy situation we are now in, worldwide. I’m still not sure how we’re going to manage it, but I’m trying to take one day at a time and cross bridges as I come to them.

So one of those bridges is Taikopalooza and deciding what to do. With all of the travel restrictions that are currently in place, combined with the myriad of different social distancing rules that are in effect from country to country and state to state, the logistics of determining wether or not we can have TP5 is… well… it’s literally impossible, What I can say is how the situation is affecting Ulm and Neu-Ulm. Ulm is where my dojo is located and belongs to the state of Baden Wuertemmberg. Neu-Ulm is across the Danube which is Bavaria, and it is where our Taikopalooza concert is held every year.

Baden Wuertemmberg (Ulm) has a ban on events up until April 19th at which point the situation will be re-evaluated and restrictions possibly lifted or relaxed, or they could extend restrictions for a longer time. This means Taikopalooza could be allowed, but only in Ulm. The question is really how many people would still be able to attend. There is also our wonderful workshop leaders to consider. They are nearly all coming from America, and this would mean that they could face a 2 week quarantine upon returning home, which would make their situations that much more difficult.

To compound all of this, across the river in Bavaria (Neu-Ulm) has placed a ban on all events up until June 15th and has offered no possibility of that changing. The city of Neu-Ulm contacted us a few days ago to inform us that our contract for the stage in the park would have to be cancelled. This means the concert in the park is no longer a possibility and the prospect of finding another location in Ulm is quite slim.

So I have given the situation A LOT of thought, and also asked our friends at kaDON for their input, and I have decided that the responsible thing to do is to cancel Taikopalooza. It absolutely breaks my heart to do it… but it feels like things are falling apart at the seams in terms of planning, and I think letting it go at this point makes more sense than trying to continue planning. This gives everyone time to change plans, cancel reservations and reorganize with a little more freedom. My hope is that we can all focus on the important things: family, loved ones, and health… and I know if there’s one community that can come out of this on the other side being stronger and more unified, it is the taiko community.

I am very sorry to have to make this decision. It has been very difficult to come to terms with it, but the world is full of so much uncertainty at the moment that planning anything is extremely challenging. I thank you all for your understanding, love and support, and I hope to see you all again somewhere soon! Who knows… perhaps if things make a drastic turn for the better in May we can throw something together spontaneously for those who are dying to get out and play some taiko together. But for now, let’s focus on supporting one another and getting through this difficult time together.  Sending you all loads of love and positive energy and HUGE non-corona HUGS!

Much love to you all, Razz


If you had made a reservation with us for Hotel Garni, we have taken care of cancelling these reservations for you.

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