Taikopalooza Accommodation

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Hi all!

Well Taikopalooza 5 is nearly full and it's time to move on accommodation! This year will be a little bit different. Some of you stayed in the Gasthaus Kreuz last year, but this hotel is not available anymore, so here are our options for this year:


Hotel Garni Am Zehnstadl (this is the nice hotel we have used the last few years) is available to us and the entire hotel has been reserved for Taikopalooza. We will be handling all the room bookings for Hotel Garni and we will be sending out an accommodation registration form in the next week. Rooms will be given on a "first come, first served" basis. Please note: Hotel Garni is only for guests who are staying from Thursday until Monday. If you have to leave early (Sunday evening) then we would ask you to please book something privately (suggestions below).


In the event that Hotel Garni is full, or that you would rather stay somewhere else, here are some other housing options. Please note: these options are just suggestions for you. We will not be handling accommodation for anything outside of Hotel Garni.

Gasthaus Zum Ritter - another hotel directly accross the street from Hotel Garni and they will have some rooms available, You must book rooms here yourself, as we will NOT be handling the bookings for Zum Ritter.

Airbnb - this is another option (click the link to see the area near Hotel Garni). There are several places in the area. Note: Hotel Garni is located in "Gögglingen, Ulm" area - this is where nearly everyone stays. The TZD dojo is located in Söflingen, Ulm area.

DJH Scholl-Hostel, Ulm - This is a new option we found for this year. The rooms are very reasonably priced and the facilities are very good. The location is midway between Hotel Garni and the TZD dojo.

Thanks so much!!! We're only a few months out, so stay posted on the website for updates. We will be taking care of TP5 pre-workshops and the concert soon, so stay tuned!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you really soon!!!!


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