Let there be taiko!!!

we made it! Taikopalooza kicks off in a few days!

tonight Martin arrives, then tomorrow Yuta gets here for his workshop, Wednesday Shoji Aya and Eri arrive and we have Eri’s workshop and then Thursday it all begins!

the weather looks pretty bad… but that being said, the storms come through and go away pretty quickly, so I’m crossing my fingers for Saturday that we can still be in the park for our concert. If not, we will hold our concert in the main room where we are doing the practice on Saturday. But…

don’t forget to pack an umbrella!

on Thursday you can pick up your keys at the hotel , or if you are arriving after 4pm pick them up at dinner or at the dojo after dinner. We will be in the Biergarten for dinner around 5:00 and after dinner we will go to the dojo for our opening session of taikopalooza! If you haven’t gotten your keys yet, you can get them there.

everyone travel safe and see you very soon!

lots of love and big hugs,


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