kaDON Pre-order Q&A

Hello TP taiko family❤ Aya from kaDON here. We are so excited to be back at Taikopalooza again this year!! We've missed you and can't wait to hug the heck out of everyone!! Hopefully everyone saw the blog post earlier today by Razz. kaDON is now accepting pre-orders for TP5 through April 5th! I wanted to start this blog post for anyone who has any questions about the pre-orders so everyone may benefit from the information. Please leave your questions in the comments below (please do not place your order here). You may also e-mail me directly at info@kadon.com. Below is the link to the Pre-order Catalog for your convenience.

Please make sure to read the instructions carefully :) Thank you!

kaDON Pre-order Catalog

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