It has begun...

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Hi everyone!

We are off to a GREAT start! We have our initial registration of people who are bringing drums, and as it stands with my drums in the mix, we have room for 65 participants. That is about 20 down from our final totals from last year, sooooo... although these numbers are GREAT, we still need more drums, especially chu daiko

Trust me, I know it's crazy to imagine someone else playing on your drums... but if you can bring taiko with you, WE NEED THEM HERE! The amount of people we can allow to register depends on how many drums we have, so dig down deep and register your drums! For the record, we'll be using all 25 of my taiko!

If you have already registered and you find out you can bring more drums than your initial registration, please WRITE ME AN EMAIL and let me know :) Let's make this happen and shoot for our TP4 record... 85 participants!

Looking forward ;)


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