Happy Birthday TZD!

Happy Birthday TZD!

It's hard to believe that 5 years have passed since we opened the doors on Magirusstrasse in Ulm! Since then, TZD has grown, we've shared and become something very special. I am very, very proud to say that we have made a significant contribution to the development and support of the Taiko community in Ulm, in Germany and even worldwide. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this amazing journey


Although the journey was exciting and rewarding, it was also fraught with challenges. One of the largest is the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you everyone for your understanding and support of our Corona regulations. In the event that we need to take courses online again, we have a great new setup that helps us learn and socialize much better and more meaningfully. Check it out!


We wanted to have a TZD social event, and we have to do it before the weather gets too cold! So we decided to hold a workshop on how to make a tire taiko for home practice!!! The workshop will take place in the large Taikopalooza room. Coffee and tea are provided! If you want to bring baked goods that would be great!

PLEASE CONTACT RENATE to register for this event!

Date: 10/10/2020

Time: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

What to Bring: A tire, 3-4 rolls of packing tape (or 1-2 rolls of duct tape for an extra strong and colorful tire taiko!).

We will walk you through the process of building your own tire taiko to practice at home. This is a method that has been used in taiko dojos around the world since the 1970s! So come in and let's build some taiko!

The weather is getting colder and as we continue to hold classes in the dojo we want everyone to stay safe and healthy. We keep the dojo at 18 degrees even on the coldest days, but the floor still gets pretty cold. Here are some tips to make class more enjoyable in winter! However... if you do all of these suggestions you will definitely get too warm. Choose 1 or 2!

1. Wear thermal underwear. This is my # 1 suggestion. When I teach 4-5 hours, wearing a thermal layer under my clothes keeps me extremely warm and makes me feel comfortable.

2. Wear a hat. We lose about 10% of our body heat through our heads!

3. Wear a warm face mask. We also lose a lot of heat through the face. In this case, a comfortable face mask can help you stay warm AND prevent COVID!

4. Wear long sleeves. A long-sleeved T-shirt goes a long way towards keeping the body warm.

5. Wear loose-fitting shoes and warm socks. If your shoes are too tight, blood flow will be restricted and your feet will get cold FAST. Keep your shoes loosely tied and wear thick, warm socks!


Beginning in the Spring semester 2021 we will begin a new Taiko group exclusively for children and youth from 7 to 18 years old! It has been a long time since we had an open course slot to start another youth group, so if you have children or you know someone who has children who might be interested, please let them know that they should register for our trial days in February 2021 as soon as possible!



This of course means that our current youth group (in the video above) has reached the end of their time at TZD. Marie, Yasmin, Philine and Sophia have been with me for more years than I would like to count ... almost since my beginning in Germany ... and now they are graduating! I am so happy to have been blessed with these students (and the many others who were part of this group along the way). It has been an amazing and uplifting experience to have the opportunity to share taiko with these amazing, talented, bright, and overall wonderful young adults. THANK YOU!!! And all the best to all of you as you go on bigger adventures! I love you all, will miss you guys like crazy and will always cherish the time I shared with you as your sensei.

It has been a wonderful 5 years at TZD with you all!! So many of you have been with TZD for the entire 5 years and many of you have been with me for even longer! THANK YOU for everything you bring into my life and for the amazing enthusiasm, energy and support you give TZD.

Together we have turned a dream into a reality at Taiko Zentrum D>eutschland and we have built more than just a community. We have built a taiko family :)

Here's to 5 more years of playing Taiko with all of you! Slainche!!!

Love & hugs,