What a great combination... :) food & yoga:)!

Taikopalooza meal times are one of the best times to get to know others. We have made initial reservations at our favorite biergartens and restaurants but we need to give these places an exact number of how many people will be eating with us. Just click the button below!

  1. If you plan to eat with the group, I need you to fill this out. This includes workshop leaders & management.

  2. The deadline to fill this out is the 17th of May. After that day I will assume you will not be eating with us or participating in morning yoga.

What about dietary restrictions? All locales have vegetarian options. If you have a strict diet plan like vegan or something similar, I would recommend going to the local supermarket next to the dojo to purchase your food. You are still welcome to bring your food with you and join us for group meals! As long as you purchase something like a drink or bottle of water from the restaurant. In this case, you still need to fill out the form and let us know to hold a place for you.

Morning Yoga

I'm a big fan of yoga in the morning to start the day! I am creating a couple of good routines in my yoga app to use at taikopalooza (I have a bunch of mats already in the dojo). For those who want some relaxing, stretching and meditation before starting a crazy day of taiko, just let me know on the form.

Of course if no one is interested, I'll scrap it!

Thanks everyone! One month away!!!

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