Driving to TP5? Green Zone!

I don't remember having to deal with this issue at last Taikopalooza, but if you are planning to drive to TP5 be aware that you will need a green 'Umweltplakette' it's a green sticker that certifies your car meets the highest emissions standard.

Hotel Garni, the Dojo, and our concert venue are all located in Green Zones, meaning that if your car does not have one of these green stickers, you will get fined €40 and we don't want that!!!

Good news is this: You can easily pick up a sticker at the local TÜV (inspection) station or A.T.U. (a car parts / garage. Both are very close to the dojo) for €10. Of course your car will need to meet the standard. If I'm not mistaken they can verify this from your current car registration. More information here: https://www.germanemissionssticker.com/

TÜV: Jägerstraße 8, 89081 Ulm

A.T.U: Jägerstraße 14, 89081 Ulm

So double check that you're all green!

Thanks and see you all in 1 week!!!


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