COVID 19 - Taikopalooza

Hi everyone,

Things are crazy and very complicated at the moment for everyone worldwide with the spread of the coronavirus, and I know we are all trying to do the best we can in this difficult time. The. current situation also means the possibility is very real that we may have to cancel Taikopalooza 5.

At the moment I am leaving everything in place and crossing my fingers that things will clear up over the next 5 weeks while everything is on lockdown. I will update you all as things progress and let you know what our plans will be. But for the time being, let's assume (and hope!!) that Taikopalooza 5 will still be happening. We can practice for the concert from home, maybe even do sessions with friends via Skype and Facetime or Whatsapp, and keep the hope alive!

Let's stay positive and lift up and support each other in this difficult time. Thank goodness we have technology to keep us connected!!! Again, for the time being we will assume TP5 is going to happen. If we need to cancel the event, I will let you all know as soon as possible. Things seem to change every few hours, so for now let's hope they are going to start changing for the better.

All we can do now is watch and wait and do what we can to keep this from spreading. If I can help or assist any of you in any way, please let me know. Sending you all huge hugs and loads of love!

Keep your chins up! We WILL get through this - together!

with love,


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