Bachi & KaDON Pre-orders!!!

Updated: Apr 28

Hey everybody, Thanks LOADS for getting the accommodation & shuttle form filled out. We are looking really good so far - almost at 100% compliance. Then I can start organising rooms for you all.

So one of the really great things at Taikopalooza is the chance to pick up some new gear from Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten & KaDON! Things are going to be a bit different this year, due to COVID causing shipping delays and other factors. Check out what has changed below:

  • KaDON merchandise MUST be pre-ordered

  • There will be no open store at TP5, only a pre-order pick-up.

  • A handful of items may be for sale in limited supply, including chudaiko bachi & shime bachi, but this is not guaranteed. We just have to see what is possible and work with that.

What this means for all of you: firstly, it means we need EVERYONE to do a really thorough check of your bachi. Remember the following points:

  • No kashi bachi are allowed at TP5 (we're just trying to protect the drums as best we can).

  • No damaged bachi are allowed (this means the ends of your bachi - the last 2 cm or so - should be smooth and free of any rough or splintered areas).

  • You will need at a minimum 1 pair chudaiko bachi + 1 pair shimedaiko / okedo bachi.

  • Examine your bachi carefully and if you need a new pair, PLEASE pre-order it.

As with every year, we will do a bachi check at the beginning of each workshop to check that the bachi we are using are both the correct type for the drum we are playing and also that they are in great condition. If your bachi are damaged and there are no more for sale, this could mean you won't be able to play in the workshop. So PLEASE check this in advance!

For many of us (myself included) we use Taikopalooza as a benchmark for just getting new bachi :) Since KaDON is bringing the merchandise with them to TP5, you don't have to pay shipping / VAT which makes this a PERFECT time to pick up new gear.

Aya from KaDON will be putting together a pre-order sheet with the actual prices this week and we will get that out to you all ASAP. If there is something you want that is not on the sheet, you can contact Aya through the members site here, or email and she will be happy to help you out! THANK YOU AYA!!

Have a great Sunday everyone :)


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