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A Long Goodbye, & New Beginnings

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

My Dear Taiko Family,

I hope this finds you all in good spirits and vibrant energy as we gear up for the holidays! It's with a mix of excitement and nostalgia that I share some very important news about the journey we've all been on together these past 13 years. There is volumes I want to say and express, but I'm going to try to just limit it to the absolute most important bits, but be warned, it's probably not going to be short...!

After over a decade of amazing times, shared laughter, and boundless energy at Taiko Zentrum Deutschland, the time is coming for a new chapter. In the Fall of 2024 I will be moving back home to the USA and we will be transitioning Taiko Zentrum Deutschland into a Verein under the capable leadership of Simon Gödecke and several other current students.

This decision hasn't come lightly, and it's intricately woven with the challenges surrounding our current location. Operating under constant uncertainty has made planning for the future a daunting task. Yet, just as with music, transitions are a part of the way.

Nearly everyone who knows me knows that since her birth, my daughter Nenya has been the driving force behind every important decision I have made. From the decision to move here in 2011 to the decision to move home, she has played a pivotal role. Her desire to attend school in America has aligned perfectly with many other circumstances nudging me back to my roots in Utah. I feel as if the universe is telling me it is time to go home.

As for the transition, I plan to teach through the Spring semester, and move officially in the Fall of 2024. But I plan to be back as often as possible! My return visits are already being talked about and I definitely plan to be coming back to visit my taiko family here in Ulm and in Europe!

Looking ahead, I will be completing the circle and moving to Manti, Utah—my childhood home. I left Manti in 1992 and have been on a rollercoaster of adventures that have taken me around the world since... Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to spending more time with my parents and my family and continue being Dad to my amazing daughter!

On the Taiko front, I will be embarking on a new venture—Utah Taiko (Utaiko)! I'm excited about the prospect of building a new, vibrant Taiko community and spreading the joy and positive impact that Taiko has had on my life with the wonderful people of Sanpete County, Utah.

My goals since the beginning of my taiko journey have never changed — to bring people together to share something positive, build meaningful friendships & community, and impact the world around me in positive ways. Taiko has been my vehicle for reaching these goals for the past 20 years. I've seen it weave connections and impact people in so many positive ways here in Ulm, throughout Europe and around the world. Community isn't just a nice concept; it's something we truly and deeply need.

So, my friends, we still have time together. Let's enjoy, every moment, and make the most of the time we have left together. The adventure continues, and I sure am grateful to have shared it with each one of you.

With heartfelt gratitude


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Karen Young
Karen Young

I'm so happy to have been part of this journey! Congratulations on building something beautiful and welcome home. I hope to see you and Nenya stateside! <3


❤️THANK YOU Rannoch for all you did ❤️for all YOU, you gave us

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