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Our dojo has a very welcoming and warm atmosphere that really feels like home.

Our space includes a large practice area  equipped with an audio and video system and a mirror wall, two restrooms and a lounge area with coffee and tea facilities.

We also have an extra room for taiko building and maintenance.

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How To Find Us

Our dojo is located just behind the  Blautal Center shopping mall in Ulm-Söflingen - about a 10 minute walk from Ulm's city center & train station, or a 5 minute ride on the  bus / metro.

Magirusstrasse 16

89077, Ulm



PLEASE READ -> The entrance to our dojo can be difficult to find when using navigation. Please look at the videos (below) for detailed driving instructions before your visit to assure you arrive quickly and easily.

Should you have any problems, please contact us!

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Driving Direcions
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